Upper School Students Performing an experiment

The required science classes are intentionally designed as a two-year sequence of study so students can build foundational skills in planning and carrying out investigations, creating an argument from evidence, analyzing and interpreting data, using mathematics and computational thinking, and collaborating with others. 

The first two years include physics, chemistry, and biology. In the beginning year, students choose from an array of elective courses such as climate change, mechanics, kinesiology, environmental science, electricity, and magnetism, or Honors courses in biology, chemistry, and physics. 

For details regarding required and elective science courses, please see our Course Catalog.

For Global Online Academy courses, please see here. Electives do not count toward required science credits.

Science Teaching Assistants 

Teaching assistants are vital contributors to our science classes. TAs attend class each day and work directly with students. TAs assist in running labs and/or design challenges and help students to better understand the material. As the year progresses, TAs may be involved in planning and teaching the class. See course catalog for prerequisites.