Health and Physical Education

Catlin Gabel Upper School Students in an outdoor yoga class

Every student takes a semester of health during ninth and tenth grade to help them make decisions that support their emotional, mental, and physical well-being.

Students analyze how the social determinants of health can impact individual wellness. They develop self-care skills and strategies related to performance-oriented tasks and academic expectations. They also explore the process and components of identity formation. They learn to communicate values, and they practice decision-making, personal boundaries , and consent , as well as how to respond effectively when boundaries are crossed. Their practice of interpersonal communication skills includes clear, direct assertive communication and non-judgmental active listening

Students can earn physical education credit by participating in Catlin Gabel athletics, taking a school athletics class, or completing independent PE study. 

More information about Catlin Gabel’s health or PE classes can be found in the upper school course catalog.