Students Engaging in dialogue in an English class

Through a four-year sequence, students build skills as critical readers, researchers, writers, presenters, and facilitators, advancing these skills through three years of foundational classes and a year of elective courses.

Catlin Gabel’s English program is dedicated to fostering a lifelong love of reading and writing, equipping students with the skills necessary for academic success and personal growth. Through a blend of rigorous coursework and diverse literary experiences, our students become thoughtful, articulate, and engaged learners.

Foundational Classes

In the first three years of high school, students develop their writing, critical thinking, and vocabulary necessary to analyze literary texts. Students read culturally diverse works across genres—from novels, dramas and short stories to poetry and essays. Students also develop their persuasive speaking skills through formal presentations and peer review workshops. In 11th grade, students can choose from two classes. One focuses on key texts from American literature and the second, an American Studies class, is taken in conjunction with a social studies class, and together, these two classes explore American culture and history through literature, film, art, and music.

Senior Electives

Senior courses, each one-semester long and Honors-designated, focus on topics ranging from specific genres of writing to thematic inquiry, and require that students facilitate class sessions for their peers. Through this curriculum, students gain skills and confidence in communicating effectively, inclusively, and empathetically, with an emphasis on the role of texts in advancing human understanding and self-awareness.

For More Information

For more details regarding the English curriculum, please see our upper school course catalog. For Global Online Academy courses, please visit their website. These electives do not count toward Catlin Gabel’s English requirements.