Upper School Quick Facts

Students and Teachers

  • Student-teacher ratio of 15:1
  • 320 students in grades 9-12
  • School day is 8:30 a.m.-3:20 p.m.


  • English, social studies, mathematics, science, modern languages (Spanish, Mandarin, or French), computer science, the arts, health and PE
  • Classes through the Global Online Academy
  • Immersives and interdisciplinary, project-based courses
  • Month-long senior project

Learning Spaces

  • Dant House: classrooms and student lounge areas
  • Creative Arts Center
  • Miller Library
  • Woodshop and ceramics studios, engineering and robotics labs
  • Math Building, Semler Science Building
  • Hillman Modern Languages Center, Vollum Humanities Center
  • Miller Swigert Gym, Murphy Athletic Complex with fields and track

Co-Curricular Programs

  • 40+ clubs, activities, affinity groups
  • Engineering and Robotics
  • Performing Arts
  • JV and Varsity Athletics
  • Global and Outdoor Education Programs

Advisory and Support

  • Small, mixed-grade groups meet regularly with faculty advisors
  • Two librarians, two counselors, two college counselors,
  • Learning specialist, academic dean, dean of students
  • Equity and Inclusion staff