Clubs & Affinity Groups

model United Nations club

Catlin Gabel supports student clubs and groups in every division as a means to strengthen our inclusive community and provide opportunities for personal growth and experience.

Clubs and groups are student-initiated and -run, and provide opportunities to practice independence and leadership, bond with peers, share ideas, engage in activities, and have fun. Clubs and groups change from year to year, based on student interest.

catlin gabel black student union (BSU)

Affinity Groups

Affinity groups provide students who are from underrepresented communities at Catlin Gabel a place where they can have a majority experience. We have affinity groups in our Lower, Middle, and Upper Schools along with ample opportunities to have conversations about inclusion and diversity.

We understand that diversity goes well beyond race so our students are exposed to the concept of Intersectionality, understanding that all people have facets of identity that give them power in this society and all people may have facets of their identity that may take that power away.

Examples of clubs and activities that might examine these issues include:

  • BSU (Black Student Union): a club open to all who are interested in issues that affect the black community and learning more about African, African American, and Caribbean cultures.
  • The CENTER: a youth engagement hub in Northeast Portland that draws a variety of students and supports multicultural programming by any student in the Portland area.
  • Diversity Summit: a day-long inclusion conference created by Catlin Gabel students for students attending any school in Portland. This conference is well-attended every year and offers keynote speakers and multiple workshops.
  • Open Space Dialogue: a weekly opportunity for students to gather and have discussions with faculty and staff to explore issues of inclusion and equity.
  • SAFE: our Upper School club focused on creating opportunities and activities for LGBTQIA+ students and the issues that arise in a heteronormative world.
  • Ujima: an Upper School club focused on inclusion and social justice issues. This club is open to any Upper School student and is the group that organizes the Diversity Summit every year.

Catlin Gabel Upper and Middle School students who participate in the clubs and activities listed above share their time and insights with the younger members of our community.

2019 pride parade lower school students holding signs and pride flags

Diversity & Inclusion

We actively work to create inclusive classrooms and community spaces and we encourage our students to engage in the greater Portland community.

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An Interview with Jasmine Love, Director of Inclusion and Outreach

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Clubs and groups change from year to year, based on student interest.

Recent Clubs and Affinity Groups

  • 99%
  • Asian Affinity
  • Black Student Union
  • Booster club
  • Catlin Cooks
  • Catlin Gabel Geopolitical Society
  • Catlin Speak
  • Chess Club
  • Communicare
  • Conservative Affinity
  • D&D Club
  • D.A.N.C.E. (Dare to Amaze with No Conscious Effort)
  • Desi Affinity
  • Design Club
  • Environmental Action Team (EAT)
  • Female affinity
  • Feminism Club
  • Healing Hands
  • History Club
  • The Institute
  • Interfaith Affinity Group
  • InvenTeam
  • Jewish Affinity
  • Jewish Student Union
  • JSA
  • Keep Portland Reading
  • Kids Club
  • Latinx Affinity
  • Marimba Club
  • Mental Health Awareness Club
  • Middle Eastern Affinity (MEA)
  • Mock Trial
  • Multi Culti
  • MUN (Model United Nations)
  • Origami Club
  • People of color
  • Project32
  • Project Prelude
  • Robotics
  • Robotics Managers
  • RoyGBiv Affinity
  • SAFE
  • Science Bowl
  • Science Olympiad
  • Secular Humanist Affinity Group
  • Shine
  • Socks and sandwiches
  • Taiko Club
  • TGNC
  • Thrive
  • Yearbook
  • YES
  • Yoga