Upper School

upper school history class discussion in catlin gabel vollum classroom fall 2021
seated student working one on one with teacher in science lab on catlin gabel campus

Catlin Gabel’s Upper School is designed to develop critical thinkers who learn with and from each other and their teachers. It is a place where students collaborate in intellectual, artistic, athletic, and entrepreneurial pursuits within a framework of inquiry and care.

Our school fosters individual and collective development for ethically minded goals. We develop critical thinkers who can voice their opinions, have the skills to deal with complexity, know how to learn, and want to make the world a better place. Teachers and students know each other well. These authentic bonds make learning engaging and fun. This is a place of deep thought and inspired inquiry, but it is also a place of joy and laughter.

Curriculum Overview

Experiential Learning

Co-Curricular Opportunities

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