Remote Learning

Catlin Gabel students remote learning

While the Catlin Gabel campus must be closed due to state requirements at this time for kindergarten through 12th grade, students remain fully engaged with their teachers and classmates. Each division has developed age-specific remote learning plans that combine face-to-face activities and independent work.

Our preschool, which is state-certified, remains open and on campus in accordance with state guidelines to best meet the needs of our youngest students. We continue to wait for final guidance from the state, but intend to run this program five days a week and offer our After School Program (open until 6:00 p.m. daily).

Catlin Gabel’s Remote Learning Plans

As a progressive school, we firmly believe in the value of refining our work, and this thinking also applies to all facets of our learning environment. Our remote plans take into account feedback we received from teachers, students, and parents this past spring. We’ve simplified and streamlined our learning platforms so it’s easier for students to find assignments and understand the work requirements. We’ve updated the daily schedules to better accommodate off-site learning and to toggle effectively between fully-remote and a hybrid plan. Our teachers are focused on social and emotional learning, as well as the curriculum. They are committed to knowing students and supporting them.

Divisional Schedules

Each division has crafted their approach and schedules for this complex moment. Sample schedules have been provided to offer a sense of the day-to-day framework for a week of remote learning.

How Families Can Support Students

  • Help your child craft an established daily routine that aligns with the Zoom schedule.
  • Provide a quiet, comfortable, and well-lit place for your child to work (outside of bedrooms).
  • Reach out to teachers if your child needs additional support.
  • Take an active role in helping your child do their best work (for lower school students this may mean supporting and/or being near them during Zoom if possible).
  • Treat zooms just like class time. Let teachers know if your child will not be attending.
  • Establish times for quiet and reflection.
  • Create a menu of activity options to encourage physical activity and limit screen time.
  • Find ways for your child to virtually socialize with friends and connect with others.

Stay Connected with Us

We’d love to hear from you and your family and see the ways you are connecting with us and each other and the accomplishments you are achieving. Our hope is to share these stories with our wider community— on our social channels, on our website, or in other communications. It doesn’t have to be polished or perfect; life rarely is. This is our way of helping to continue to build connections with each other.

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