Social Studies

three students working on a project seated at desks

The social studies curriculum is Socratic and relies on students utilizing their listening skills and fully participating in class discussions and role playing. Students are expected to journal, reflect, and develop creative responses to case studies.

They read for meaning and develop their reading comprehension skills including the ability to find clues in context along with identifying the main ideas and details of readings. Students improve their writing ability including grammar, punctuation, and sentence and paragraph development. They practice expository writing and provide critical content. They also develop the ability to provide supportive details. Students learn how to research, including honing their skills at note taking, outlining, and citation formatting. Finally, they gain confidence and proficiency in public speaking including organizing and presenting materials as well as practicing different delivery techniques. 

By the end of eighth grade, students will have developed proficiency in the following:

  • Examining a historic topic from different perspectives
  • Participating in group discussions with respect for ideas one may not share
  • Self management of assignments and due dates
  • Using slide presentation software to create a lesson that guides peers through a class topic
  • Writing a clear expository paper that explains a topic from the class