Social Studies

three students working on a project seated at desks

The aim of the Middle School social studies curriculum is for students to understand, with complexity, the original of power in our contemporary world by researching critically and assessing accurate information through teacher-directed and self-selected topics.

To achieve this, our curriculum strives to provide opportunities for students to:

  • Strengthen the skills of persuasive writing, analytic reasoning, and resilient, exploratory, and sustained discourse.

  • Engage with and evaluate diverse sources of information and students' own biases.

  • Individually and collaboratively articulate their learning processes and knowledge.

  • Exercise empathy and widen their circles of concern.

  • Manifest our avowed values into informed, culturally responsive action within their local and global communities.

By the end of eighth grade, students will have developed proficiency in the following:

  • Analyzing and interpreting historical sources.
  • Supporting both personal and academic claims using evidence.
  • Participating in group discussions with respect for ideas one may not share.
  • Self management of assignments and due dates.
  • Responding to a guided research question.
  • Locating and assessing the credibility of relevant and diverse academic sources while also citing research using MLA guidelines.
  • Clearly communicating their ideas and thinking through written, verbal, or multiple mediums.