6th Grade

Four 7th grade students and teachers wear safety goggles as they complete a scientific lab experiment

In this transitional year, students are expected to be more personally responsible for time management and self-advocacy. They are supported by their teachers who help them move from concrete to abstract thinking.

All sixth graders also take Transitions, which teaches essential study skills and supports sixth graders in all areas leading to student success. They learn how to organize, plan, and prepare their schedules with regard to navigating homework, co-curricular commitments, and the life of the school day.

Building community is a primary focus in the sixth grade. Students are developing critical thinking skills and habits of the mind. Teachers facilitate the growth of each student’s abstract thinking and logical reasoning Skills like empathy, team-building, and inclusion are accomplished through grade level retreats, meetings, classes, and trips. ability. This takes place in all aspects of the sixth grade experience, including experiential activities like Surgery Day, where hospital personnel bring authentic surgical equipment and materials to the classroom to give students hands-on practice with various medical and surgical techniques.

Sixth Grade Curriculum