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Across the various artistic mediums available to students, they learn to express themselves creatively, both individually and collaboratively.

Students gain confidence in presenting themselves and their work, and develop a framework for making informed creative choices. They come to understand how the arts integrates and makes connections throughout all disciplines. Students learn to think critically, problem solve, reflect, and observe, and appreciate the world around them. Essential questions and topics addressed include:

  • How do the arts connect artist and audience?
  • How does artistic communication and craft relate to the audience or end user?
  • An environment of trust and respect enables creation and performance
  • Theater invites and challenges communities to engage with the human experience
  • Theater undoes the single story, offering broader perspective and inviting empathy
  • The relationship between audience and performer is immediate, dynamic, and reciprocal
  • Success of an ensemble relies on individual responsibility
By the end of eighth grade, students have developed proficiency in the following:
  • Using the elements of design including line, direction, shape, size, texture, value, and color
  • Experience with the concepts, skills, tools, and vocabulary across a variety of artistic media
  • Experience with creative improvisation, interpretation of published works, and composition of original works
  • Conceiving original creative works and executing them with confidence and competence
  • Critically responding to pieces of artwork using a critique protocol
  • Making informed, critical evaluations of art works from both an audience member and a participant point of view
  • Considering an audience during the creative process

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Catlin Gabel Arts

From preschool through the senior year, the arts build on each other and are taught in an environment of trust and respect that enables creation and performance, integrating and make connections throughout all disciplines.

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