Meet the Acting Head of the Middle School

Acting Head of Middle School Kama Bruce

Kama Bruce

Throughout his work at Catlin Gabel, Kama Bruce believes there is nothing more important in a school than the relationship teachers have with students, students have with students, and students have with learning. 

“The work of administrators, generally, is to remove obstacles so that we can all work and our students can be successful and understand who they are,” says Kama. “And one of the chief ways we get to remove obstacles is by learning to ask the right questions.”

Kama, who is also the Assistant Head at Catlin Gabel, is stepping into the Acting Head of MIddle School through June of 2024, while the school conducts its search for this leadership position.

Kama brings a broad array of relevant administrative skills to this role, including serving as a lower school head for 7 years and middle school dean of students for 6 years in Austin, Texas, prior to his arrival at Catlin Gabel. He also has already established strong connections with Middle School students and colleagues, supporting a variety of curricular and co-curricular projects. 

In addition to Kama’s leadership, the Middle School community is supported by the talents and work of Assistant Middle School Head Beth Vallarino, Interim Middle School Dean for Student Support and Community Sam Davis, and Middle School Administrative Coordinator Antoinette Forté. Learn more about Kama in this interview from 2022.