Head of Middle School Welcome

Ted Chen, Head of Middle School

Meet Ted Chen, Head of Middle School

“Having a caring, kind, and ethical school community is the foundation of education. That’s when learning takes place at its highest levels.”

Head of Middle School Ted Chen believes that students thrive when they feel cared for, safe, and are known by the adults in their lives. This takes place when educators build relationships that are beyond knowing a student’s academic self, but knowing a student in multi-faceted ways—knowing their physical, intellectual, social-emotional, and academic selves. With this knowledge of students, educators are not just teachers and instructors, but also facilitators of students’ journeys; allowing students to become empowered in their own their learning process and understanding of themselves. 

As students start to understand themselves and embrace their values, they are “moving from moral awareness to moral identity,” he says, “and they figure it out with our guidance, our help, and our safety nets.” The development of their moral identity and ethical spirits contribute to the caring, kind, ethical community that facilitates high-level teaching and learning, allowing students to thrive.