Learning Support

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We seek to provide a learning environment that allows all students to meet their individual learning potential while also achieving the curricular goals of the school. Catlin Gabel’s Learning Center is home to three learning specialists who provide a variety of services for students, teachers, and parents.

Roles of Learning Specialists

In collaborative discussions with parents, teachers, and students, our learning specialists develop a variety of recommendations to support students outside the classroom and at home, as well as create strategies for teachers and parents. They attend parent-teacher conferences, initiate informal check-ins, meet with counselors and division heads, help set-up future programs, and guide future educational decisions. Through this work, they can also help determine if support services from outside resources could meet specific needs that Catlin Gabel does not provide.

Each week, all learning specialists meet to coordinate processes and procedures to foster alignment and create effective transitions for students. Each month, the learning specialists and counselors meet as part of the student support team to discuss common issues and occasionally present parent information programs.

Learning Support for Beginning and Lower School Students

Accommodations and modifications in the BLS are dependent on student needs and available resources. The Lower School learning specialist provides small group remedial instruction, in class accommodation support, and informal assessments and screens. Differentiated instruction in the classroom and small group remedial literacy and math support are also provided.

Learning Support for Middle and Upper School Students

The Upper and Middle Schools provide supportive learning environments for students through differentiated instruction, classroom accommodations, and course load adjustments. Modifications to curriculum and learning objectives generally are not provided. The Middle School learning specialist provides small group instruction based on need, oversees classroom accommodations, and teaches a class that helps facilitate the transition from Lower to Middle School. The Upper School learning specialist provides individualized student consultation and teaches organization and self-management skills to all incoming freshmen.

Learning Specialists

Our learning specialists are here to answer any questions you might have. Please reach out directly to them.

Kristy Marling
Beginning and Lower School Learning Specialist
503-297-1894 ext.2010

Veronica Halen
Middle School Learning Specialist
503-297-1894 ext.3105

Jeffrey Silverstein
Upper School Learning Specialist
503-297-1894 ext.4105