Learning Support

students in a classroom table smiling and participating in class

The cornerstone of Catlin Gabel's educational approach is understanding individual learning in order to enhance teaching and learning outcomes across all four divisions of the school. The Learning Center facilitates understanding of student learning by providing a variety of services for students, teachers, and parents.

How we support students in Preschool through Grade 12

Catlin Gabel School seeks to provide an appropriate learning environment which allows all students to meet their individual learning potential and to achieve the curricular goals outlined by the school.

Accommodations and modifications in the Beginning and Lower School are made on an individual basis, depending on student need and available resources. In addition, differentiated instruction in the classroom and small group remedial literacy and math support is provided.

The Upper and Middle Schools provide appropriate learning environments for students through differentiated instruction, classroom accommodations, and course load adjustments. Modifications to curriculum and learning objectives generally are not provided.

Referrals are given to parents who seek individualized tutoring, outside therapists (e.g. Speech and Language Pathologist or Occupational Therapist), or a psycho-educational evaluation with a licensed psychologist. Team communication with students, parents, classroom teachers, learning specialists, and outside support providers is an essential component to our support process.