preschool teacher on left side speaking with students facing and on the right all seated on the floor in preschool classroom

Social-emotional learning informs all aspects of the preschool experience and is integrated throughout the curriculum. This learning centers on the work they are doing to understand themselves and each other, celebrating their differences and similarities.

Preschool students improve their understanding of how to learn as individuals and how to work with each other through discussion and collaboration. By the end of the year, they have the skills to learn as a group and to develop rewarding friendships. They have gained independence, an enthusiasm for learning, and social emotional skills to guide their personal choices and decision making. 

In addition to the core curricular components of literacy, mathematics, and inquiry, students have many opportunities to practice group dynamics and be part of a community. The progress of preschool students is tracked with formal, informal, and narrative assessments. Preschool teachers constantly observe the children in their care, and engage in open and regular communication with families throughout the year.

Preschool Academic Overview