5th Grade

5th graders working on posters in classroom

In the fifth grade, students practice and understand their responsibility for leadership. This new social stage has a direct connection to the year’s curricular focus on change, advocacy, and responsible action.

Having developed a concrete sense of the world, they are ready to enter the realms of abstraction, perspective-taking, and inferential reasoning. While 5th grade students expand their skills and knowledge base in homeroom-based literacy, mathematics, and social studies classes, they are also advancing in specialist-taught areas and have access to curricular content and creative digital tools on their Ipads. Pre-assessments and formative assessments are used to track student progress and to guide teaching in every subject area. 

Fifth graders are ready to move on to Middle School with a sense of their strengths, areas for growth, resilience, and learning tools that serve them well, and the ability to self-advocate when necessary.

5th Grade Academic Overview