4th Grade

two students working on math wookbook with 4th grade teacher olivia poirier

In the fourth grade, students continue the journey of moving from concrete to abstract thinking. With their year-long study of place, they consider the experiences of family members, as well as people they’ve never met, and in the process develop their abilities to imagine, understand, and empathize.

Core components of the fourth grade year include physical, mental, intellectual, and social self-care. Students begin to use their Ipads more frequently to share and organize their school work. They track their progress in partnership with teachers using a combination of teacher observation, student interviews, and teacher- and student-created rubrics. Primary assessments are administered in math and reading.

By the end of the year, they are better able to analyze their work on multiple levels, reflecting and incorporating feedback into their process. They can identify their own learning needs and self-advocate for accommodations.

4th Grade Academic Overview