3rd Grade

In third grade, students develop strategies that help them thrive as individuals and as part of a group. They gain an understanding of when and how to apply what they’ve learned, and take ownership of their actions and decisions in school.

Literacy, mathematics, and social studies are the primary subjects explored in homeroom classes. Specialist teachers provide instruction in art, library, wellness, music, and tinkering with technology. A year-long exploration of water drives the social studies and science classes, which are devoted to water quality, human impact, as well as salmon biology and life cycle. Curriculum-focused small groups are a central part of the learning dynamic, and studies are reinforced with in-class independent study and Ipads.

By the end of the year, they have engaged in techniques to self-regulate their emotions and increase their ability to identify the feelings and perspectives of others, developed cooperative behaviors, practiced empathy, and expanded their ability to listen and express feelings. They’ve learned how to work together on classroom agreements and have begun practicing the steps of conflict resolution. Student progress is analyzed and supported with reading, writing, and math assessment tools.

3rd Grade Academic Overview