2nd Grade

2nd graders dancing during a movement break in class

Throughout the second grade, a strong emphasis is placed on developing self-management. Students work on their personal learning strategies and gain an understanding of how to advocate for themselves, both physically and mentally, at school.

Second grade students are guided by homeroom teachers in literacy, mathematics, and social studies, and by teacher specialists dedicated to Spanish and Mandarin language, music, art, PE/Wellness, woodshop, library, and technology. Students demonstrate their learning throughout the year in presentations, concerts, and cultural celebrations, and practice democracy in weekly community meetings.

Students learn in workshops, book groups, and self-directed study and are supported with dynamic workspaces and tools, including standing desks, wiggle stools, and individual iPads with curriculum-based content.

By the end of the year, second graders have an increased understanding of their emotional, physical, and educational needs, as well as identified their strengths and challenges.

2nd Grade Academic Overview