Program Goals

MS track meet high jump

Character Development

Students develop mental discipline, self-control, cooperation, and perseverance through the experiences inherent in victory and defeat. Individual and team success is a by-product of character, commitment, practice, effort, and teamwork.

Preparation for Life

Students learn to choose among competing opportunities, establish priorities, and make commitments to the outcome of their decisions. Healthy habits for life are emphasized; weight training, proper nutrition, and cardiovascular fitness are fundamental to every sports training program.

Leadership and Sportspersonship

All athletes have an opportunity to build leadership through the support, attitude, and motivation they bring to the team. Leadership has an important corollary: cooperation and the ability to look beyond personal interests to support team goals and objectives.

Teamwork and Selflessness

Athletics at Catlin Gabel is vehicle for teaching and learning the the value of goal-directed teamwork and cooperation. Students in our program understand that their success is shared with teammates, and tied to the community-wide support they receive and to which they contribute.


Student athletes may participate in a broad and diverse array of sports. Competitive Middle School teams include soccer, cross-country, tennis, girls volleyball, basketball, and track and field. Upper School teams and individuals compete in soccer, cross-country, girls volleyball, swim, basketball, skiing, baseball, tennis, golf, and track and field.