Arts Offerings

Visual Arts: Beginning School

beginning school woodshop class

Woodshop: Beginning School

Music: Beginning School

Visual Arts: Lower School

lower school first grade woodshop class

Woodshop: Lower School

Music: Lower School

Visual Arts: Middle School

middle school wood shop students

Woodshop: Middle School

virtual reality media arts class middle school

Media Arts: Middle School

Ceramic Arts: LS, MS, US

Visual Arts: Upper School

Media Arts: Upper School

Theater: Upper School

Technical Theater: Upper School

Music: Upper School

Choir: Upper School

Jazz Band: MS, US

Jazz Band: Upper School

Rock Band: Upper School

middle school media arts drone class

Middle School Arts

In Middle School, students learn to use the arts to facilitate the expression of creative ideas, learn about and share a diversity of cultures, and communicate their own personal visions.

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water color student's hands working

Upper School ARts

Students have a broader exposure to a wide range of arts including architecture, fashion design, jewelry making, structural design and engineering, and theater tech.

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catlin gabel campus

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