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head of school addressing all school assembly students

Children who are eager to understand the world around them and master new skills. Enthusiastic teachers who know and value every student. Engaged parents who share educational goals and want to participate. A community that values healthy relationships and personal integrity. Every child deserves to learn and grow in a school like this, which is what we have created here at Catlin Gabel.

Students here are on a transformational journey inspired at every grade level by meaningful work, high academic standards, and leadership opportunities.

They learn how to think critically and creatively and exercise good judgment. They learn how to relate to all kinds of people with interest and respect.

As a result, Catlin Gabel alumni are a diverse group of successful and talented citizens. They are applying innovative and disciplined thinking to achieve their goals and to improve their college, professional, and local communities. They are the adults we hope our children will become.

We are a progressive school by history and philosophy. We believe that children learn by doing, so we challenge them to apply what they are learning to answer real and relevant questions. We engage their intellect and their emotional, social, and physical selves in the learning process. Our progressive approach inspires and motivates children to believe in themselves and to understand what they have to offer.

We invite you to learn more by visiting our remarkable 67-acre home in Southwest Portland. Here you will see and hear what education can be. I look forward to your visit.

Tim Bazemore
Head of School

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