Sustainability Commitments

The Sustainability Team is a cross constituent group of community members that works to engage our community in changing practices, policies, and curricula towards a more environmentally sustainable school and society.

We believe climate change is one of the most pressing issues in today’s world, and we are committed to educating students about responsible action as well as to inspiring institutional shifts to reduce the school’s environmental impact.

Ways to Conserve at Home

Catlin Gabel Eagles Nesting for the Winter

1. Adjust your heater to come on less frequently


2. Turn down your hot water heater (try 120°F)

  • Most hot water heaters are pre-set to 140 degrees F, hotter than the water needs to be, contributing to carbon emissions.
  • Water above 120 degrees accelerates the accumulation of hard water mineral sediment, especially common calcium carbonate, inside the tank, shortening the life span of the water heater.
  • Savings Project: Lower Water Heating Temperature

3. Install low-flow shower heads and take shorter showers


4. Wash clothes in cold water

  • According to the “Smarter Living Guide” at the New York Times, washing in cold water not only saves money and energy (and therefore greenhouse gas emissions), but it can also prolong the lifespan of your clothes.
  • Today’s laundry detergent has enzymes that do better in cold water
  • Washing in cold water tips

Catlin Gabel Sustainability Team

  • Isaac Enloe, Assistant Head of Beginning School
  • Megan Cover ’22
  • Kitty Firth, Facilities Director
  • Berkeley Gadbaw, 8th Grade Science Teacher
  • Sophie Kruse ’21
  • Veronica Ledoux, Upper School Science Teacher
  • Barbara Ostos, Assistant Head of School
  • Patrick Walsh, Upper School Social Studies Teacher
  • Alison Ward ’99, Inclusion and Outreach & Learning Center Admin Assistant, Garden Coordinator
  • Alex Williamson, Interim US Science Teacher & Climate Change Elective Instructor

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