Commitment to Excellence

Catlin Gabel is committed to progress, and our foundation of educational excellence makes that possible. While we adapt to changing needs of students and educators, we continue to provide a student-centered experience, a stimulating environment, and a faculty and staff as talented and creative as any in the nation.

We’re poised to go further. The strategic initiatives detailed here will guide the school to new levels of success, helping us stay focused on social-emotional learning, environmental sustainability, and financial and operational strength.

These are the foundations for our future as a school, and for the individuals who grow and develop in our care. Within each of these areas, we will look to make decisions and invest resources in changes that will lead to excellent student outcomes, and take advantage of strategic opportunities to carry out our mission in expanded ways.

We Are Committed To These Objectives

Focusing on social-emotional learning

  • Self-awareness and social skills
  • Responsible decision-making
  • An inclusive and diverse learning community
  • Student ownership of learning strengths and styles
  • Health and wellness

Promoting and practicing environmental sustainability

  • Comprehensive Sustainability Action Plan focused on student learning and institutional ownership
  • Campus sustainability goals and processes
  • Climate literacy curricula emphasizing experiential learning
  • Socially and fiscally responsible endowment and investment policies

Ensuring financial health and operational excellence

  • Five-year financial plan that encompasses tuition, giving, and enrollment
  • Ten-year enrollment plan that capitalizes on a strong market position as a highly selective school
  • Long-term master plan that incorporates ideas on the future of learning spaces while preserving the hallmarks of our unique campus environment
  • Strong culture of philanthropy and a long term capital fundraising plan
  • Opportunities for cost savings across the school