Misconduct Investigation

We support, and sincerely apologize to, students who endured sexual misconduct or abuse by past Catlin Gabel faculty and staff. Based on reports from alumni, in October 2018, the Board of Trustees retained an independent investigator, attorney Lori Watson, to look into incidents of past sexual misconduct and abuse by members of the faculty and staff. Ms. Watson is continuing to interview survivors, witnesses, and associated parties regarding any events in the school’s past. We will report the findings of this independent investigation once the work is complete.

We strongly encourage anyone in our community with knowledge of any sexual misconduct by a Catlin Gabel employee at any point in the school's history to speak with Ms. Watson. Any concerns brought forward will be treated with confidentiality, sensitivity, and support. You can contact Ms. Watson by email (lori@watsonlawpdx.com) or by phone at (971) 291-7672. Alternatively, you can report your concerns anonymously at this number: (503) 972-1581.

Today, Catlin Gabel School’s caring educators are committed to creating an environment that encourages reporting of any questionable behavior. We look and listen for signals that something may be wrong and take action to make our campus safer. Policies and trainings are in place to support our students’ well-being. And we’re still learning. By bringing to light past misconduct, we aim to strengthen our programs for students today and tomorrow.

Catlin Gabel School is grateful for the community’s support as this important investigation is conducted.

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Sexual Assault Support and Resources for Catlin Gabel Students 2019-2020 (PDF)