Strategic Inclusion Plan

students walking toward the circle from the main parking lot on catlin gabel campus sun shining kindness banner

Catlin Gabel’s Strategic Inclusion Plan was adopted in 2022 as a roadmap for our equity and inclusion work and as an accountability mechanism for our antiracist aspirations.

The Plan has helped us deepen our understanding of what it means for our school to be more equitable and inclusive. It has also helped us realize that our initial vision of integrating equity and inclusion into all elements of school life is an ambitious and long term goal, and that progress is slower in some areas than anticipated or is taking more steps than originally imagined. Within this framework, our work continues, as every member of this community is challenged and pushed to examine their perspectives, understandings, and actions.

As we acknowledge this gap between who we are now and who we want to become, we have established the following three short-term goals for the school in addition to the work identified in the Strategic Inclusion Plan:

  • Every student has a least one trusted adult who effectively communicates with, supports, and mentors them;
  • Every student can find a group of peers with whom they will experience acceptance and respect;
  • Every student can find people who, while being supportive, also push them to grow.

Additional context is available in the Year 2 Report introduction letter.

Goal 1: Education

Ensure the curriculum, teaching methods, and school culture reflect our commitment to DEI.

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Goal 2: Community Voices

Ensure the school's decision-making processes reflect community voices and experiences.

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Goal 3: Community Membership

Increase the school’s diversity and increase access and influence of underrepresented groups.

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