Vision and Steps Toward Antiracism

Catlin Gabel Vision for an Antiracist Institution

As part of our ongoing work to become an antiracist institution, we have identified specific steps to guide our actions as individuals and as a community. These steps will inform our policies, practices, and behaviors and include:

  • Acting to identify and eradicate curriculum, pedagogy, policies, and culture that sustain white supremacy.
  • Listening to and elevating the voices of Black, Indigenous, Latinx, Asian and other people of color.
  • Holding everyone accountable for racist behaviors, comments, and harassment.
  • Educating students and all community members about how local, national, and global history inform racial dynamics.
  • Educating students about systems that affect our current experience of privilege, power, and oppression.
  • Recognizing the positive influence and impact of people of color in our school and beyond.
  • Expecting white community members to understand and acknowledge their privilege and support this vision through self-education.

Fall 2021-Spring 2024
Strategic Inclusion Plan

In 2020 we announced our vision to make Catlin Gabel a more equitable and inclusive school and to take decisive action to combat racism. The progress we’ve made since then is largely due to thoughtful input and productive dialogue with community members.


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