Meet the Equity and Inclusion Team

To help us best integrate equity and inclusion into our educational practices, Catlin Gabel’s Equity and Inclusion team has defined roles that support the entire community. The team looks forward to meeting and working with you, and welcomes your questions. 

Connie Kim Gervey Headshot

Dr. Connie Kim-Gervey

Director of Equity and Inclusion

Connie develops policies, practices, and supports that integrate equity and inclusion across the school, including the Strategic Plan, in partnership with other Administrative Team Leaders. She works with employees, students, and parents  to integrate equity and inclusion into our daily practices and  to build structure. She also is working to strengthen community partnerships with other Pacific Northwest DEI leaders and organizations, including the NWAIS consortium POCIS Seattle (People of Color in Independent Schools).

Sam Davis Headshot

Sam Davis

Equity and Inclusion Coordinator of Student Programs and Interim Dean for Student Support

Sam divides his time between the Middle School and the Equity and Inclusion Department where he collaborates with students, faculty, and staff. He guides Middle School assemblies, C&C advisories, and affinity spaces, and teach Life classes. He meets with student government leaders and clubs in both the Middle and Upper Schools and holds restorative conversations between students. In the Beginning and Lower School, he spends time with students in homerooms during circle time.

Sam Tegan Headshot

Tegan Morton

Inclusive Teaching and Learning Coordinator

Tegan co-creates and designs divisional and schoolwide equity professional learning opportunities for faculty. She offers instructional coaching for teachers, develops frameworks that link equitable teaching with student learning, co-creates equity and inclusion curriculum, and is piloting ways to leverage data for equitable decision-making. She collaborates with school leaders to integrate equity into priorities and initiatives and is building guidelines for "educating for democracy," a key principle of progressive education to support equitable outcomes.

Jewell Sparks Headshot

Jewell Sparks

Assistant Director of Enrollment and Family Inclusion

Jewell helps cultivate strong school-family partnerships. She helps plan events and supports inclusion efforts in partnership with parent-led groups and the enrollment team. She co-creates frameworks for Family Affinity & Discussion Groups and co-facilitates the Middle School Multiracial Student Affinity Group and the Beginning and Lower School Black Student Affinity Group. Jewell can be found at divisional coffees, Parent-Faculty Association meetings, and myriad school events.