Diversity & Inclusion

2019 pride parade lower school students holding signs and pride flags

Catlin Gabel is committed to and values community-wide diversity and inclusion. Our community values all kinds of diversity, including all races, religions, genders, sexual orientations, ages, languages, abilities, and more.

Our community members come from a variety of neighborhoods and countries of origin, and our families make up a variety of family structures and hold a variety of political beliefs. We draw families from all parts of the greater Portland metro area and they travel to Catlin Gabel by car, school bus, carpool, mass transit, bicycle, and on foot. We value the diversity of our students, families, faculty, and staff, and believe that this type of diversity is essential to student success as students learn best in an atmosphere where multiple perspectives are upheld.

As students come to Catlin Gabel to learn about themselves, the world, and their place in it, an excellent 21st century education requires them to engage with classmates from many walks of life so that they have endless opportunities to think critically, ask questions, challenge assumptions, and collaborate with many different kinds of people. To that end we actively work to create inclusive classrooms and community spaces, and we encourage our students to engage in the greater Portland community in a reciprocal fashion. All faculty and staff participate in annual and on-going training to ensure that they are culturally competent and responsive. Countless opportunities are extended to students to increase their own cultural responsivity and competence.

Student leaders play a central role in creating inclusive community at Catlin Gabel and are considered the leaders in these efforts. Clubs and affinity groups provide a structure for student leaders to share ideas with peers and to coordinate endeavors.

We have affinity groups in our Lower, Middle, and Upper Schools along with ample opportunities to have conversations about inclusion and diversity.

We understand that diversity goes well beyond race so our students are exposed to the concept of Intersectionality, understanding that all people have facets of identity that give them power in this society and all people may have facets of their identity that may take that power away.

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Clubs & Affinity Groups

Catlin Gabel supports student clubs and groups in every division as a means to strengthen our inclusive community and provide opportunities for personal growth and experience.

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