Equity & Inclusion

Students Watching Assembly
Senior Parade
Students Performing Honey Bee Play
Students in a Rainbow Pride Parade

At Catlin Gabel, we believe that every student should feel a sense of belonging. Because when students are known, heard, and valued, they can thrive, gaining confidence in themselves and their learning.

We also recognize that developing the right systems and programs to integrate equity and inclusion into all aspects of the school takes work and time–a process we are committed to.

Our Aspirational Vision

At Catlin Gabel, we aspire to be an antiracist institution; it is a goal not yet attained and one that we continue to strive toward. Our efforts to become a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive school for all students, families, and employees began in 2020 when we identified steps and actions that we would take as individuals and as a community. 

Since then, our progress is slower and more incremental than we had first anticipated. Yet, we remain deeply committed to this work as central to our mission and core values, so we can meet the needs of every student and employee who are a part of this community that represents different races, ethnicities, socio-economic statuses, cultures, faiths, gender identities, learning profiles, sexual identities, countries of origin, and more. 

Development of Our Strategic Inclusion Plan

As part of Catlin Gabel’s ongoing work to sharpen our focus on the most urgent priorities related to equity and inclusion, in January 2022 we published a three-year Strategic Inclusion Plan to guide our efforts through the fall of 2024. 

This Plan was based on eight months of input and suggestions from all of our constituents. More information about the Strategic Inclusion Plan and related reports can be found here.