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March 16 – 19, 2015

For four days in March the Upper School will suspend regular classes and offer a variety of experiential learning opportunities outside the regular curriculum. The mission of Catlin Gabel's Winterim program is to immerse students in intensive experiential learning which furthers their education intellectually, interpersonally, and physically. Winterim endeavors to stretch students in new and profound ways and it promotes different perspectives through participation and experience. Students generate ideas and collaborate with faculty members and alumni to create dozens of Winterm offerings. Past programs included a group who designed a "whole new planet," auto repair, racing and engine rebuilding, an immersion into Italian culture and cuisine, and a "sports extravaganza," along with more community-based and outdoor adventures.  Courses are led by students and adults  -- outside resource personnel, field experts -- in conjunction with faculty advisors. By collaborating closely with adult mentors, Winterim intentionally strives to develop and improve student leadership skills. At the conclusion of Winterim, students report on their group's activities.    If you have immediate questions, please contact C. Glenn Burnett, Winterim coordinator.

2015 Winterim Deadlines/Schedule

Jan. 30        Catalog Shared On-Line
Feb. 4 & 5   SIGN UPS!
Feb. 10        Assignments Announced