Laptop Program Information

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Laptop Program Information

Updated November 1, 2013
Laptop Program Introduction for Upper School Parents

Welcome to the Catlin Gabel Upper School laptop information page. As you may know, all Upper School students are required to own a laptop academic use in classes.

Students may purchase laptops through Catlin Gabel School or bring a laptop provided it meets minimum specifications as outlined below:

Apple - MacBook Air or MacBook Pro. 2010 or newer. Operating system must be 10.7 (Lion) or newer.

PC - Lenovo or Dell. 2010 or newer. Operating system must be Windows 7 or 8 Professional. The Home version is not permitted.

If you plan to order a laptop through Catlin Gabel School, please use our online order form.

If your child will be using a laptop not purchased through Catlin Gabel, there will be a series of steps your child will need to complete online in order to install the necessary software the school requires. You will receive additional emails on how to complete this task.

Laptops can be ordered for any Catlin Gabel student. Laptops can be ordered throughout the school year however, new and incoming freshman laptops orders are due mid-June to ensure enough time for laptop processing and delivery.

Laptops purchased through the school include a 4-year manufacturers' warranty and a 4-year accidental damage warranty. For Apple products, the 4-year warranty is purchased through Student Insurance Partners. Cost is based on the number of years of coverage. There is a deductible of $100 per claim and a limit of $1600 in claims per policy. Lenovo accidental damage protection is provided by Lenovo and does not have a deductible or a published claims limit. Claim fulfillment of either company is at the sole discretion of Lenovo or Student Insurance Partners.

Once laptops are ordered, we will collect all orders and place a bulk order with our vendors. Once the laptops arrive, they we will install the required software and contact you for laptop pickup.

A mandatory student laptop orientation session will be held in early September. Please watch for details and dates.

Please contact us by email or phone if you have any questions regarding a laptop purchase.

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