Laptop Ordering FAQ

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Below are the most frequently asked questions regarding the process of ordering student laptops. If you have further questions or concerns that are not answered in this FAQ, please contact Daisy Steele at or 503-297-1894 ext. 264.

When are laptop orders due?
During the school year, laptop orders can be processed at any time. In the Spring, laptop orders for Freshmen and new students will be due mid-June. Exact dates are not yet known at this time due to the expected release of new models.

How do I get a laptop order form?
When the order form is activated, you will be able to fill out the online order form here:

Can I deviate from the recommended models?
The models we have put together are designed to provide your child with a robust laptop that will last four years. You may not downgrade any model purchased through Catlin Gabel. You may upgrade your model to include additional RAM or a larger hard disk drive. Please call the IT office at 503-297-1894 ext. 264 to discuss possible upgrades.

Students may purchase laptops through Catlin Gabel School or bring a laptop provided it meets minimum specifications as outlined below:

Apple - MacBook Air or MacBook Pro. 2010 or newer. Operating system must be 10.7 (Lion) or newer.

PC - Lenovo or Dell. 2010 or newer. Operating system must be Windows 7 or 8 Professional. The Home version is not permitted.

I am receiving laptop financial aid, may I upgrade to a different model laptop?
There is one Apple, Lenovo and Dell laptop that meets the financial aid requirements. No deviations are permitted.

What warranty do I receive with my laptop?
All Catlin Gabel purchased laptops come with a four-year manufacturer's warranty and accidental damage protection. Please note that Apple does not offer this length of warranty to retail customers. Accidental damage includes dropping the laptop or spilling liquids on it. Accidental Damage protection is contracted through a third-party insurance company Student Insurance Partners ( There is a $100 deductible for each claim made and total cost of each claim may not exceed $1600.

How do I pickup a laptop I've ordered?
We will notify you by email using the email address entered on the laptop order form when you can pickup the laptop.