Ecological Impact

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Catlin Gabel has begun to develop a schoolwide plan for achieving 100% environmental sustainability. This effort originated at the Imagine 2020 conference of 2006.

Planned Initiatives

Educational Program

  • Students take better care of computers
  • Educate community about computer recycling
  • Continually evaluate computer use, including student and faculty 1:1 laptop programs


  • Build a coalition of interested educational institutions
  • Pressure manufacturers to produce more environmentally friendly and durable computers

Built Environment

  • Increase use of duplex printing


  • Shut down or "deep sleep" computers when not in use
  • Ensure that all computer waste goes to re-use, recycling, or disposal facilities as appropriate
  • Increase use of good-on-one-side-only (GOOSO) paper
  • Increase paper recycling
  • Reduce paper consumption, toner use, and printer wear


  • Exclusively use "zero-violation" paper
  • Purchase computers with reduced levels of toxic materials ("green" computers)

Current Practices

  • Most machines have two to four roles within the school before “retirement”
  • Retired machines in working order go to Catlin Gabel community or Rummage
  • Broken machines go to Free Geek for repair and re-use
  • Hazardous materials go to an e-waste disposal center
  • Printers capable of duplex printing are so identified on the network
  • PaperCut network print management software planned for next year
  • New requirements for extended warranties and accidental damage protection so that computers last longer
  • New generation of electronic communications systems: instruction, admission, development, business office, food services
  • Investigation of “green machines” currently under way (example)
  • Employee and student Microsoft Office software purchased "media only," without manual or packaging.
  • Annual report donor lists published on website, no longer included in printed magazine.