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CatlinSpeak: Journalism at Catlin Gabel
Newspaper website:

CatlinSpeak is the Upper School student newspaper and journalism class. The newspaper, which is published onlne and in print, tackles issues that are important to Catlin Gabel students, faculty, staff, parents, and alumni by featuring articles about the school community, Portland, and beyond. The CatlinSpeak website is a local and global resource with Catlin Gabel sports scores and up-to-date world headlines. 

Students enrolled in the journalism program learn these skills: 
  • journalistic writing
  • interview techniques
  • multimedia production
  • marketing
  • publishing
  • event coordination and planning
  • document and web layout
  • photography and videography
  • professionalism
  • teamwork
The essential elements of the journalism program are:
  • Students produce 8 online versions per school year (monthly from October to May).
  • Students produce 3 print versions per school year (Nov., Feb., April) .
  • Students manage daily tweets of worldwide and local news and the Catlin Sports Scoreboard Twitter feed.
  • Editors receive 1.0 independent study credit. 
  • Staff writers, layout experts, photographers, and videographers receive .5 independent study credit.
  • The editors run weekly staff meetings during a lunch period.
  • Editors are required to attend a second meeting each week with faculty advisors.
  • We have an online communication forum with required attendance and check-ins.

Latest Print Edition

December 2011