Ecological Field Visits

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The Catlin Gabel outdoor program strives to include an ecological component on all of our trips. Ecological offerings may soon expand to include a semester-long course and additional class field trips.

Learning about Oregon Indian Tribes

Ninth graders from Catlin Gabel School traveled to the Columbia Gorge Discovery Center in The Dalles to learn about what life was like for Oregon Indians prior to European settlement. Louis Pitt, Jr. from the Warm Springs Tribes answered questions from the group.

Students at Catlin Gabel have opportunities to learn about the natural world through field visits to locations where they can see natural processes at work.

Old growth ecosystem studies along Opal Creek

World Forestry Center Magness Tree Farm

Forest Policy field trip to Salem

Eighth grade visit to the State Capitol

In the governor's ceremonial office

Republican leader Sen. Ted Ferrioli

In the Capitol

Oregon's legacy: the original logger

Atop the State Capitol

State senator Charlie Ringo