Winter PE Rock Climbing

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Rock Climbing is a fun physical and mental challenge.  This program is an after-school/ weekend course designed to help students learn about the technique, movement, and conditioning of the sport of rock climbing. This course is open to all US students, regardless of experience level. Although the sport encourages individual efforts, students will support and encourage each other in a team environment. Catlin Gabel, under the leadership of Renee Jenkinson, provides transportation, instruction, logistics, and inspiration.  Other adult chaperones and Catlin faculty accompany the group each session, and the Catlin Gabel Middle School Climbing Club join the Upper School class on Thursday afternoons.  Upper School students earn a PE credit toward their graduation requirements.

Students in the course get the opportunity to climb at a variety of regional indoor climbing gyms, inluding: The Circuit Bouldering Gym, Portland Rock Gym, The Source Climbing Center, and ClubSport.