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Students learn many skills on outdoor program trips and through the Outdoor Leadership & Adventure program. In addition, we offer intensive courses focusing on specific skills.

Rock Climbing at the Rock Gym for P.E. Credit

During each winter trimester (Dec. 1 - Jan. 30) the outdoor program offers a fun way for students to experience the joy and camaraderie of rock climbing. On Monday and Thursday afternoons we travel down to the local climbing gym for a few hours of fun, training, games, and challenge on the walls. This course is especially good for students who have never climbed before, as they can discover all sorts of hidden talents and passions. Sign up for this course through the registrar's office in Dant, or contact David Zonana (after Sept. 10) at

Outdoor Leadership and Adventure

 Looking for an adventurous way to earn your P.E. credits? Join the Outdoor Adenture and Leadership team during the fall trimester for this fun and ever changing course. Students meet after school on Monday and Thursday afternoons between Sept. 12 and Nov. 5 and travel to different destinations in the Portland area for an afternoon adventure. Activities include kayaking, hiking, rock climbing, and oreineteering. To sign up contact the registrar in Dant House. For more information see Outdoor Leadership and Adventure

Leading on Rock

Students with experience in rock climbing are eligible to participate in a course designed to teach them how to lead climb on fifth class rock. Lead climbing is inherently dangerous, and it is essential that students have the skills and mental preparation to undertake the challenge. Once students have completed the two-day course, the practical portion of their training begns. Under the supervision of experienced adults, students will try their hand at leading approved routes. This "apprenticeship" phase of the training can last for several trips extending over a number of months.


Practicing with gear at Rocky Butte


John Youngman teaches the importance of equalized anchors

Practice leading at Horsethief Butte State Park