Diversity Conference

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What is the Diversity Conference?

Catlin Gabel students applaud the Maru-a-Pula Marimba Band from Botswana

The Upper School's annual Diversity Conference celebrates the diversity in our community–scholastic, civic, and global. Students determine the structure and thematic focuses of the event each year. All-school assemblies allow us to host speakers and performers, while smaller workshop sessions built into the schedule invite in-depth discussions and activities. The offerings of the conference help us to challenge our preconceptions of what "diversity" means, and to see the rich tapestry of story, history, and heritage behind each face in our community. In hosting the conference, Ujima (the Upper School diversity club) does not limit consideration of diversity to one day–rather, it is a chance for students to investigate topics beyond the regular curriculum.

Students and teachers work together to design and lead morning and afternoon workshops on a variety of topics from identity to homelessness, perceptions of Islam, living with disabilities, music and racial stereotypes, global cooking, access to technology, and gender relations to name a few.