Course of Study

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Catlin Gabel emphasizes a one-to-one relationship between teacher and student. Each pupil is the focus of consideration. Styles and speed of learning, background influences, and individual interests and needs are taken into account as teachers plan courses, counsel advisees, and work with students.

The Upper School offers a broad and demanding arts and sciences curriculum. The educational experience of each student encompasses the mastery of:

  • reading and writing tools required for deep inquiry and skilled expression
  • understanding fundamental mathematical and scientific ideas and techniques
  • active participation in creative thinking through the arts
  • lifetime fitness through physical education

An array of interscholastic sports, co-curricular programs, and extracurricular activities enhances the opportunities for a broad and balanced education. Catlin Gabel encourages students to take risks and to participate in a wide variety of experiences. We give them ample opportunity to create and lead many of these special programs.