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An invitation from Casey Mills, Upper School counselor
Want to talk?  Need someone to listen?  Want to sort through options with someone outside your family? 
Adolescence is a time of change for students and their families. We at Catlin Gabel hope that students will use this time to understand themselves better, find their talents, stretch their limits, connect with others in the community in meaningful ways and make plans for their future. Sometimes the road to those goals is a bit bumpy. At those times, it is often nice to get the perspective of someone outside your family. Counseling is one avenue for this, and I welcome both student and parent meetings, phone calls and emails. Sometimes students want a quick conversation; sometimes they want referrals to counselors off campus. I keep an active list of people in the community who would be eager to work with Catlin Gabel students and families. As with all counseling, I keep information that students share confidential.
In addition to meeting with students, I work closely with the Upper School head, the assistant Upper School head, the learning specialist, and advisors to make certain the transition to Catlin Gabel is as smooth as possible. I also work regularly with the other division counselors to help students make the transition from one division to another. This is an exciting time as we learn more about brain development in the adolescent years and how that effects decisions students make.  We all try to use the most relevant and up to date data to inform our work with students and families.  
I look forward to hearing from you and if you have any questions or concerns, my office is upstairs in the Dant House.  Feel free to send me an email or stop by!