Student Guidelines

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Please follow these guidelines when completing your community service requirement

Turn in your hours right away. If you do your service on a Saturday, turn the hours in on Monday when you come to school. This will make your life so much easier. Some students have had hassles because they lost their forms. If you perform service during the summer, don’t wait until school starts to submit your form.

You must have an adult on the project sign your form. Don’t forget to do this, and know that they are happy to do that for you. If you forget to bring your form, write down a statement on a piece of paper that says that you completed the service on the given date and state the number of hours. Have the person sign that and attach it to your form later.

Taking care of your community service requirement is your responsibility, not your parents’. It will rarely be acceptable for your parents to sign the authorization for your service. If there is a reason why that makes sense, please speak to me in advance so I can approve it.

If you are in charge of a project (such as a Boy Scout Eagle project) please have your adult scout leader sign your form. Please see me in advance if you are in a position to sign forms for others. This needs to be pre-approved.

Internships, even when unpaid, are not likely to qualify for community service. If you are doing an internship and wonder if it might qualify for community service, please check with me in advance. When in doubt… ASK.

On-campus service is encouraged, and you are not limited in how much you can do. You need to be sure that you complete 12 hours off campus.

If you have any doubts about your service, or if you think I might be unaware of your project, please speak to me about it.

Try to fill out your form before you do the service. This will help you identify questions and help remind you to have it signed.

For more information about community service, please contact:

George Zaninovich
8825 SW Barnes Road
Portland OR 97225