Community Service

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Individuals or groups giving time and talent to help others

Sharing their time and talents in many ways helps students develop awareness of needs outside themselves. An important goal of our program is to support student awareness of the value of community involvement and service. Accordingly, we ask that students donate time to the community in two ways. First, service is integrated into our yearly calendar as students work collectively on school-sponsored projects. Campus Day is one example when Upper School students and teachers work in small groups to enhance the campus with painting, planting, and building projects. Secondly, students are expected to fulfill a designated number of hours of community service each year working on a project suitable to their own schedule and interests. Students submit documentation for their community service during the year. Other service opportunities include tutoring and the Bloodmobile.

All Catlin Gabel Upper School students participate in community service in the following ways:

Individual Community Service

Students Guidelines 

1.    9th Grade: research and explore “service.” Participate in 4 hours of on-campus for the year and 1 off-campus experience each semester.

2.    10th Grade: Participate in 4 hours of on-campus for the year and 1 off-campus experience each semester.

3.    11th and 12th: Choice #1:  Participate in 3 hours on-campus and lead/plan 1 off-campus and participate in 2 off-campus experiences for the year or Choice #2: Participate in 3 hours on-campus and 4 off-campus experiences for the year.

4.    Each student’s participation/progress in Community Service will be discussed at Parent Conferences and written about in 1st Semester and Final Reports.

5.    Participation in Elana Gold, PLACE or Plush Trip will fulfill all off-campus expectations.

6.    Hours completed this summer under the old 15 hour system will be applied to this year’s off-campus experiences.

Upper School All-Student Required Activities

  • Campus Day: These days are set aside for students to provide service to the school community through campus maintenance projects.

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