Unit Essential Questions Habits Of Mind Content Skills and Processes Assessment Resources Multicultural Dimension Integrated Learning

- What are the relationships between play writing, directing and a particular communicative whole?
- How can I bring together analytic and intuitive abilities in a creative project?
- How can I use what I know as an actor to succeed as a director?


- Develop understanding of Dramatic structure
- Build a vocabulary of the stage director
- Forays into the canon of theatrical literature, reading selected plays, drawing comparisons and thinking critically about the development of theatrical literature through history.

-Assess and discuss own work and that of others objectively and coherently
-Make judgments appropriate to the beginning, the middle and the end of creative enterprise
-Accept and apply high standards of craftsmanship and performance
-Ask questions
-Challenge assumptions
-Seek clarifications

-Self assessment
-Peer evaluation

A Director Prepares - Ann Bogart

-Analysis of impact of text and performance on diverse audience and community