Shakespeare and His World


Unit Essential Questions Content Skills and Processes Assessment Resources Multicultural Dimension
Shakespeare and His World

*What historical and cultural forces informed Shakespeare's work and how?

*selection of Shakespeare’s histories, tragedies, comedies
*Shakespeare sonnets
*Elizabethan history and culture
*Primary sources from the Renaissance

*Direct class discussion
*Develop critical abilities as readers
*Improve skills as writers of critical and creative prose
*Develop the vocabulary necessary to critique drama
*Have a good time reading, viewing, and discussing the texts
*Prepare and team teach a play to the class
*Individually present a Shakespeare sonnet to the class
*Apply principles of unguided peer reviewing and metacritical self-review for both content and style
*Use techniques of active reading, class note-taking, and test-taking
*Learn how to formulate a research thesis, find and organize research materials, outline a research paper, and write a paper incorporating sources according to MLA guidelines.

*midterm exam
*final exam
*reading quizzes
*fall semester research paper
*analytical motif paper
*collaborative teaching day
*sonnet presentation

see website for resources

*We examine Elizabethan attitudes about national identity, race, and gender