Piano Study

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Full year

This course is for the beginning or intermediate student who wants to expand knowledge and increase skills on the piano. A required practice regimen will be discussed and agreed upon and must be maintained for course credit. A weekly meeting time with the instructor is arranged.


Unit Essential Questions Content Skills and Processes Assessment Resources
1st Semester

What is a student's current keyboard recogniztion?

Does the student read music?   Both clefs?

Does the student have a "good ear"?


Areas of study include hand positions, scales, chord progression, arpeggios, rhythm reading, music reading, melody with harmonly, and literature.

Hands playing non-unison.

Chordal accompaniment: broken chords, walking base-line, waltz chords.


A student will be assessed on his/her improvement and skill building.  Attendance at once-a-week lessons is vital to a student meeting his/her potential for the year. 

Beginning Piano for the Adult Learner.

2nd Semester