Library & Research Skills 12

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Full year

Essential Questions

What are the elements of ethical research? What are the range of materials available on a topic? What are the differences between academic databases and search engines? What are the conventions of literary research?


Students learn the basics of research on a defined topic. The librarian works closely with the content of the course providing the research need.


Senior English Electives
Skills and Processes

Student learns how to:

define a research question
identify and locate a range of secondary sources to obtain answers to research questions
develop an effective search strategy
choose appropriate academic databases, books, and websites
locate and examine literary criticism on a defined topic
broaden or narrow search results
evaluate search results
credential sources
cite sources



Library collections, including books placed on reserve
Research databases
Librarian’s handouts

Multicultural Dimension

Students encounter a broad range of material addressing gender, race, ethnicity and sexual orientation in their research questions. Senior English electives provide opportunities to explore these topics in some detail. The Librarian helps students learn how to evaluate print and electronic sources for bias, language, author's credentials and agenda.