Japanese V


Unit Essential Questions Content Skills and Processes Assessment Resources Multicultural Dimension
Japanese V
  • What is the value of learning a modern language?
  • What is Japan like, and what are Japanese high-school students like?
  • How do you compare between Japanese cultural values and your own values?
  • What are some of the major events that the Japanese encountered in the U.S. that have impacted U.S.-Japan relations?
  • Approximately 60 new kanji
  • Use of kanji in variety of contextualized reading and writing tasks
  • Contemporary social issues in Japan
  • Geography of Japan and major Japanese cities
  • Customs and cultural norms
  • Japanese art, architecture, and cuisine
  • Everyday economics in Japan
  • Debate at an advanced level of oral proficiency
  • Develop understanding of the Japanese via its culture, literature, history and arts
  • Weekly vocabulary and kanji quizzes
  • Debate
  • Grammar exams
  • Creative essays and short stories
  • End of unit oral exam, conferences

Situational Functional Japanese, Drills & Notes, Volume 2, Tsukuba Language Group
Nihongo de hanasoo 3, The English Education Council, Inc.
Daily TV news, drama, and movies viewed without subtitles

  • Learn the impact of Japanese culture, technology and history on other peoples and cultures