Japanese IV


Unit Essential Questions Content Skills and Processes Assessment Resources Multicultural Dimension
Japanese IV
  • What is the value of learning a modern language?
  • How do Japanese cultural values compare with your own?
  • How will I handle communicating in Japanese at my level of knowledge of the language?
  • How are history and tradition reflected in the customs and systems of contemporary Japanese society?
  • Approximately 50 new kanji
  • Use of kanji in a variety of contextualized reading and writing tasks
  • Communication strategies with a limited range of vocabulary and grammatical structures
  • Basic Japanese sentence construction: verb, adjective and noun predicate sentences
  • Geography of Japan and major Japanese cities
  • Customs and cultural norms
  • Current happenings in Japan
  • Japanese family
  • Study techniques to learn and practice both oral and written language
  • Converse in a variety of basic communicative tasks and social situations using the casual and formal forms of language
  • Demonstrate comprehension of longer sentences and utterances
  • Read consistently and with full understanding an intermediate-level text
  • Papers, test, skits, interview
  • Weekly vocabulary and kanji quizzes
  • Unit tests
  • End of term oral proficiency interviews and written tests

Situational Functional Japanese, Drills & Notes, Volume 2, Tsukuba Language Group
Daily TV news, drama, and movies viewed without subtitles

  • Increasing cultural awareness of both Japan and the United States is also a focus
  • Differences in food between America, Japan and other countries
  • Learning about lives of people in Japan through short cultural readings, internet research, and movies