Indoor/Outdoor Games


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Indoor/Outdoor Games

*Can I maintain personal fitness participation in these (ultimate Frisbee, softball, golf tennis and group games) lifetime sports?
*Will I learn enough about these activities so that I can safely participate on my own?
*Will I learn the proper techniques and rules?
*Can I be competitive within my peer group?
*Will lead-up activities help me improve my skills and help me appreciate the activity?

*Proper techniques used.
*Proper use of all equipment for safety and success.

*Will demonstrate proper skills progressions.
*Demonstrates knowledge of rules, sportsmanship and procedures.
*Can participate, score and complete activities in the prescribed time period.

*Skills testing.
*Written tests to cover knowledge of activity, rules, techniques and sportsmanship.

*Instructor's experience and knowledge.
*Campus, tennis courts, and all game and activity accessories.