Health 10


Unit Essential Questions Content Skills and Processes Assessment Resources Multicultural Dimension

How do I make good choices and decisions in my life?
Who will influence my thought process in how I choose to react and behave?
How will I know if my behavior is safe for myself as well as my peers?
How do I see the world around me? How do I know what my values are?
Should I feel responsible and independent as a tenth grader?
Will I help others if I think they need assistance?
How can I help others even if they don't think they need help?
Will I be willing and able to step forward to do the right thing when the opportunities arise?

*Values and ethics of decision making
*Comparison of decision making practices
*Ways people can be manipulated to respond predictably
*Outside influences to decision making (peer pressure, media, parental influence, school influences)
*Presentation of scenarios in which people do not make wise choices given the situation(e.g. film presentation of use of GHB-Alcohol blacking out and passing out)
*Demonstrations of expectancy (cola experiment, payment for journal entries, University of Washington college exercises)
*Effects of placebo experiments

*For some studentshoose a related topic for research and presentation to the class
*Participate in class discussion around central topics
*Make appropriate comments sharing thoughts and ideas with the classmates
*Analyze individual choices in both imaginative and real scenarios
*Compare individual choices against value systems
*Recognition of how individual choices are complex and controlled
*Understand how hard it may be to step outside the group when necessary

*Daily participation in discussions
*Daily written comments in personal journals
*Individual student function within group dynamics
*Individual choices

Videos (Powder, 60 minutes, teens of Wheaten county, advertising and the end of the world, fat in the USA, tough guise, various short subjects and past guest speakers on tape)
Guest speakers, magazines, newspapers, local programming, teachers experiences.

Use of materials that help us demonstrate segregation, isolation, and aggressive behavior towards others.
Articles and stories that tell us how other cultures socialize and interact in relationship to our country, local region, and school community.
Cultural pressures on males and females

Healthy Relationships

How do I develop and maintain healthy relationships with other people, my community, the global society and myself?

*Stress and stress management
*Self esteem
*Socially appropriate behavior
*Individual responsibility to larger society
*Assertive behavior
*Negotiation and conflict management skills
*Long and short term goals
*Personal responsibility
*Communication skills

*Understand emotional impact of stress and practice individual stress management techniques
*Identify and value positive aspects of one's own personality
*Understand what is socially appropriate language in the school community
*Identify one's responsibility to larger society and understand appropriate ways to assume it
*Identify individual values and practice skills to act on them
*Critique situations where sensitivity and respect for self and others are shown through literature studies, and/or government issues
*Critique situations where negotiation skills and conflict management contribute to the development of a caring community
*Evaluate and demonstrate knowledge of effective communication in relationships
*Learn and practice ways to set short and long term goals
*Accept responsibility for one's actions
*Recognize consequences
*Participate in role play activities that demonstrate positive actions with peers
*Proud, sassy women; strong, caring men
*Design and participate in programs to promote positive behaviors between men and women
*Analyze and utilize negotiation skills to improve communication with others of differing views
*Demonstrate sensitivity toward others' feelings when stating personal views
*Learn appropriate responses to derogatory comments directed toward others