French IV

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*   Communication, cultures, connections, comparisons, communities… It is with this philosophy in mind that FR IV is taught.  

 Communication is at the heart of the second language study, whether the communication in a language other than English takes place face-to-face, in     writing or across centuries through the reading of literature.

  • Cultures gain knowledge by understanding and respecting other cultures.

  • Connections with other disciplines to acquire information provide additional bodies of knowledge.

  • Comparisons and contrasts develop insight into the nature of language and the concept of culture, realizing that there are multiple ways and styles of viewing the world.

  • Communities are expanded when all of these elements enable you to participate in multilingual communities at home and around the world in a variety of contexts and in culturally appropriate ways.


* Knowing how, when, and why to say what to whom.

While grammar (review and new rules) and vocabulary (extensive new vocabulary) are essential tools for communication, it is the acquisition of the ability to communicate in meaningful and appropriate ways that is the ultimate goal of the class.


Readings: Jean-Paul Sartre- Gilbert Cesbron- André Maurois- Françoise Sagan- Antoine de Saint-Exupéry- George Simenon-

Films: Marie- Antoinette- Indochine- Est-Ouest - Sagan- Coco Chanel-


French IV students are expected to have mastered the fundamentals of written and oral expression in view of the more complex and linguistically sophisticated material under study. Student’s review and study major grammatical structures, read extensively, and develop increasing accuracy in written and oral expression through discussion of literary texts and essay writing. Instruction is in French, and a variety of classroom activities and media are employed to maintain and build oral and written proficiency. French IV course involves further study of grammatical structures, verb tenses, increased vocabulary through short audio narrations, and a rich selection of articles, opinion polls and statistics, exploring the best of ancient, modern and contemporary art, complete with the historical background for each work and its artist. Designed to build the comprehension and the verbal expression of the students, this informative course develops elements of the present French civilization, contains geography, history, economy and involves current events and international relations.The class is conducted primarily in French and students are expected to participate verbally on a daily basis.